Goal of Life: Liberation or Happiness?

Posted on February 22, 2010


Acharya Prabodh mentioned that the goal of life is liberation and depending on our maturity we seek liberation from different things. We seek liberation from worrying about providing for food, working to pay our bills, saving money for the future … or if you are enlightened you seek liberation from the cycle of life and death.

Another Acharya I had met several years back, answered my question, “What is the goal of life?”,  with, “Happiness”.

Are the two related. Happiness goal I interpreted as … the goal of life is to balance happiness in the present with happiness in the future. A drug junkie is happy in the present, but will be miserable in the future. If you save all your life, your present if unhappy, future might be happy. Its a difficult balance for most of us. We spend our lives ensuring future happiness or rather avoiding future sadness (or tough times) while the today passes away. It is not easy balancing happiness today with happiness in the future. There is no formula. To give a very earthly example: small children are taught to divide their money into 3 piles: one spend on instant pleasure (buying skittles for mine), second to save for spending in the near future (like a doll) and the last to save for the rainy day. Balancing happiness huh!

If you take that to the extreme, perhaps we can link the goals of liberation and happiness. To really achieve happiness after life, you need liberation?

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