Understanding Religion (Hinduism)

Posted on November 3, 2009


Many educated people, including myself,  struggle with religion and God.  Their analytical brain says how could such “miracles” happen. We have been taught to question everything, how can we just accept HIS existence. I struggle with it myself. Are the stories in Indian mythology true or not?

I had an epiphany which I wanted to share. My good friend Suman and his wife gifted me with a art work of Lord Ganesha couple of days back. When I opened the present the first thought that struck my head was this house is blessed with Lord Ganesha. From listening to Guru Prabodh talk about the Ramayana: Lord Ganesha is the remover of obstacles. And so he does.

One way I have accepted religion is that God is omnipresent. He is present in each one of us. All the attributes we see in God are reflected in different aspects of our personality. For example, there is a part of us which is the “remover of obstacles”.  As we go through life we develop these parts to different degrees. A lot of it is conditioning of our thinking and our mind. For example, not dwelling on the negative, controlling our ego, channeling our energy on the positive. Offer and receive unconditional love.

I also think that accepting God is also a lot about “giving up control” mentally. A lot of us struggle with that, we would rather walk away than not be in control. To accept that we don’t control everything, thus whatever we achieve  is because of the help and support of others, but not an individual effort, is a big step forward in thinking and maturity. It also helps to prepare us for failure.

If you define one aspect of God as the perfect state of ones mind. It takes a lot to get there. For example, you have to remove the clutter of everyday problems and thoughts. The scientific part of me asks the question is it possible to be aware of the working of the internal part of the body and thus change it. The famous Hindu rishi and gurus have been said to achive that. It does seem that it should be possible. If you look at all modern day medicine it is about figuring out how to communicate with the various parts and organs of the body and change their behavior. If you could control them using your brain then all you need to do is be one with your brain. Perhaps we need to look in different directions.

So one path to God is to improve the qualities in ourself which we see depicted in him and his incarnations. I belive this can make you happier and life fulfilling.

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