Ram Charitra Manas and Startups Oct 11,2009

Posted on October 12, 2009


Before the class begins there is a small prayer and usually some kid comes and states the values if the Chinmaya Mission. One of the values is:

– Give more than you take, Produce more than you consume

Its a simple concept: revenue should be higher than expenses. The problem here is ‘credit’. I am consuming more today so that I can produce more in the future. People without credit don’t go bankrupt.

I don’t mean bankrupcy in terms of money, but also values, health of companies, our moral and mental health.

– Evolution of faith: blind –> non-blind –> conviction

Faith is a concept or effort goes through three stages. We start with blind faith, which is slowly transformed into conviction.

When you do a startup, usually someone with a product idea with blind belief that if we build it they will come. As you talk to more customers that belief gets transformed into conviction.

– Ram & Sita: can’t say they are the same, can’t say they are different. Just like speech & meaning, wedding & marriage, house & home, water & wave.

The engineer thinks of it as water. Marketing transforms into a wave.

– We seek security from what’s constantly changing: accomplishments, position, title, our body. Nothing in the world is independent.

It is amazing how many folks are trying to seek security through clauses in their offer letters in todays ever changing corporate world.

– God is the cause and not the effect

– In life the background noise is problems and complaints. We seek freedom from that.

Wish we had the equivalent of noise cancelling headphones for life? The goal is freedom, ask any enterpreneur. Or is it: you don’t want to be acquired?

What is noise in you life and what is music? Amplify the music.

– Three realities in the world:
* Absolute Reality
* Transactional Reality
* Illusionary existence

– Klesha’s:
* avidya: ignorance:I don’t know my true self
* asmita: I am so and so
* raga: I have to have this
* dvesha: I can’t stand this
* abhinivasha: submerged in that I am in this body, body related thinking, result of it is fear of death

– Shreyas = moksha = absolute good

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