Ram Charitra Manas & Startups

Posted on October 1, 2009


My kids go to Bal Vihar (Indian School) on Sundays. They learn about Indian culture and Hindi as a language. One of the classes they have at Bal Vihar is for adults where the Acharya Prabodh discusses different religious texts.  I have begun attending these classes this year. We are discussing the Ramayana from Guru Tulsidas.

I found it fascinating not only from a internal peace point of view, but also so many things that we apply to startups are common with the basic philosophies of life. Here is the collection of thoughts … I will update every week

Date: 10/12/09


Date: 9/27/2009

Crescent Moon on Lord Shiva head: all over the world when we talk about the beauty of the moon, we talk about the full moon, not the crescent. “Chaudhvi ka Chaand” refers to the full moon. When we worship Lord Shiva, the moon gets worshiped also. If your teacher is famous, you get credit even if you are not the best. I was listening to this and it reminded me of raising money in the valley: where if you have been in a successful startup or you are referred by a successful enterpreneur it is a big big plus. It doesnt really matter what you did in that company.

Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva: Parvati symbolizes faith and Shiva symbolizes knowledge. To start any new activity one must first have faith and then knowledge. When you start a company you make a “leap of faith”. You don’t quite know what’s on the other side. Without faith you can’t start. I know so many really really smart people who dont take the first step, where they use their knowledge to dissuade their faith

Lord Hanuman was not the master or king, but he was the leader: so many people in companies worry about their title, how many people report to them, what they control and what they don’t. To lead the people you don’t need any of that. You can influence change. The religious leaders change the world, while the kings, they come and go.

Date: 9/20/2009

Form versus Formless: one of the debates that has engaged in religion is whether God is formless, thus everywhere, or has form which by definition is constrained. It is an interesting debate and struggle. It is also one that an enterpreneur goes through. Every idea in its infancy is formless, it has infinite power, can solve a lot problems. As the companies mature it takes form via products or services which constrain the idea further and further. Its a constant struggle between the formless vision and products which take form