All we own is time

Posted on November 26, 2008


It is my belief that all we own in this world is time. And we can chose how to spend it and with whom to spend it. All of us to varyiing degree have control over some portion of our time. I am sure this is not an original thought. Different people have said the same thing in different ways. I remember vaguely Steve Jobs saying that death makes decisions really simple, would you spend your remaining time doing what you are doing today.

My other realization perhaps a bit late is that time can’t be averaged. Take kids for example, you can’t say that instead of spending 1 hr everyday with them you will take 20 days off and spend every waking hour with them. It’s not the same. You can’t average it out with kids or with yourself also. 20s is the time to do some things, 30s to do other things, 60s something else. The slice of time over which you average has to be really small for it to have meaning … a week is the maximum I would say.

One is lucky if one can spend time with people they want to, and not get bogged down in providing for essentials or chasing one’s own tail.

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