in pursuit of happiness

Posted on October 31, 2008


I had a sales VP couple of years ago. we used to debate a lot about life and stuff. He asked me why I drive a beetle. I told him my philosophy is to not buy a car above 20K. He was apalled I think to have a CEO who would think like that. One of our perpetual debates was what should be done for our kids.

I explained to him my philosophy is that we are happy if reality exceeds our expectation. as a child our expectations are set on the income of our parents (and unless you have a huge inheritance), reality is set by your own income. So if you come from a wealthy family and then have to struggle you would be very unhappy. So I want to grow up my kids middle class and they will be happier the rest of their life.

He thought this was all BS. He said you are ruining your life and also of your kids. You should live life extravangantly and then your kids will aspire for the same and this will make them more successful than you.

Eaither point of view had merits. We ofcourse agreed to dis-agree and discussed this constantly.

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