Goal of Life

Posted on October 30, 2008


We all reach a point in our lives, where we stop and ask why? Why am I doing what I am doing? It can happen on a vacation or on due to the loss of someone close to you? Or it just hits you….

I dont remember the dicrete moment when I began thinking about this, but several conversations helped me to find this answer. The first was with a “guru” who was visiting canada. I was visiting my sister (first cousin) who lives in Surrey. The guru was visiting from India and I liked him, unlike most other people I had seen he was not interested in taking money … but seemed very genuine. So I asked him “what is the goal of life” And he replied the “goal of life is happiness”.

That started the thread in my mind. I agree with him that the goal of life is happiness. But in addition life is about balancing happiness today with happiness in the future. A drug addict is happy in the present but has given up on the future.  The balance is different for different people, and you know when you have it. the question is if you dont have it, how do you get there?

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