Good Date or Good Husband?

Posted on October 17, 2007


As the CEO of a startup, hiring the best team is a big part of your job. One of the constant challenges in hiring is that the interview process is geared towards hiring the “best date”. You meet people for a hour or two hours, where they are on their best behavior. Then you got to decide ….

When I was getting married, one of my close friends gave me some very astute advice, which I have shared with a lot of people. And surprisingly it helps with hiring people also. She said, “people who are good dates are very rarely good husbands”. What you like when you are dating, is exactly what you don’t like once you are married. For example, while dating you like someone who is exciting, who has hobbies, likes to go out. Someone who is fun.

Once you are married, you don’t want someone who is always out pursuing their hobbies. Who constantly goes out and hangs on with his or her friends. You want someone who is reliable, steady, boring to some degree.

When looking for a  person to hire it is the same problem. You want someone who is good at their job, un-political, easy to work with, puts the team before self …. which has got nothing to do with the ability to date or interview well.

What do you think? Would your spouse agree 🙂 ?