God & Opsware …

Posted on October 14, 2007


God was deciding whether whether opsware should go to hell or heaven:

God> why do you deserve heaven?

Opsware> I helped mankind by reducing the amount of work they do

God> did you cause pain and suffering

Opsware> Some, but mostly to help

God> were you faithful to your spouse

Opsware> i had many suitors, but I was faithful to HP

God> Did you have any enemies

Opsware> only one, Bladelogic

God> did you help your friends

Opsware> yes I did, some like Solidcore, more than others

God> Were you good to your parents

Opsware> I took care of Mr. Andreessen

God> OK. anything else before I announce my decision

Opsware> If i went to hell, they would become too powerful, you wouldnt want that

God> yes, but if I sent you to heaven they would become lazy because you will do all their work for them

Opsware> that is true, i am really good at reducing work

God> well its done then, I am not ready for you, go and serve mankind

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