Presentation Tips

Posted on October 2, 2007


Vijay Anand (the force behind Proto) posted this note from a Demo Conference Veteran to help people have the maximum impact during their product presentations ( You can get the original posting from here).

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Shel Israel
Date: Jan 14, 2007 9:43 PM
Subject: RE: Presentation Tips
To: Vijay Anand

1. Be humble but proud. Remember the star of your presentation is the product not you. Your audience wants to see the technology. Spend as much time showing it as possible.

2. It is far more memorable to make one point very well, then to make several points.

3. The objective of a good presentation is to get the people who matter most in the audience to want to come up to you after your talk and say, “tell me more.”

4. Remember to always play nice. Your worst competitor in today’s conference is tomorrow’s business partner, employer or employee.

5. Speaking without hype, in a style that is authentic and in the tones you would use when meeting a new business partner.

6. If there are potential investors in the audience ignore them. They are going to follow the buzz you make with the technologists in the audience. Focus on the technologists.

7. If you are a star of the conference, remember that you just did well at one event and on one day. If you do poorly remember that you just had a bad day and the world has not collapsed. In either case, you will have learned a very valuable lesson to take with you moving forward.

8. You, your product and your company are being judged at every minute during the conference, not just when you are speaking from the dais. The conversations and networking are the most important part of any business networking event.

9. Do not exaggerate what your product can do. Do not be overly optimistic about when it will be ready.

10. Make it clear that you want as many partners as you can get.