Microsoft Skype Strategy: is it all about xbox?

July 8, 2011


Like everyone else, I was surprised by Microsoft paying BIG $$$ for Skype. Recently I ran into Tony Bates at Andressen Horowitz CEO event and he said its the integration with xbox and others which are very important. Still didn’t make sense. Facebook announcement yesterday, got me thinking. But jet lagged this morning returning from […]

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Goal of Life: Liberation or Happiness?

February 22, 2010


Acharya Prabodh mentioned that the goal of life is liberation and depending on our maturity we seek liberation from different things. We seek liberation from worrying about providing for food, working to pay our bills, saving money for the future … or if you are enlightened you seek liberation from the cycle of life and […]

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Life, Startups & Religion

February 7, 2010


As some of you know I attend the Ram Charitra Manas class at the Chinmaya Mission, taught by Acharya Prabodh. Today was the best class I have attended to date. It linked my life, work in startups and religion in a simple unifying statement. The Acharya was explaining that “the mind is mythical”. Once you […]

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RCM Dec 5, 2009

December 8, 2009


I really enjoyed this  discourse from Acharya Prabodh. He is discussing when Sati (wife of Lord Shiva) doubts that Ram is really God, because he is weeping over the fact that Sita is lost. She goes to test him and disguises herself in the form of Sita (Ram’s wife). Ram ofcourse sees through this and […]

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Understanding Religion (Hinduism)

November 3, 2009


Many educated people, including myself,  struggle with religion and God.  Their analytical brain says how could such “miracles” happen. We have been taught to question everything, how can we just accept HIS existence. I struggle with it myself. Are the stories in Indian mythology true or not? I had an epiphany which I wanted to […]

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Ram Charitra Manas and Startups Oct 11,2009

October 12, 2009


Before the class begins there is a small prayer and usually some kid comes and states the values if the Chinmaya Mission. One of the values is: – Give more than you take, Produce more than you consume Its a simple concept: revenue should be higher than expenses. The problem here is ‘credit’. I am […]

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Ram Charitra Manas & Startups

October 1, 2009


My kids go to Bal Vihar (Indian School) on Sundays. They learn about Indian culture and Hindi as a language. One of the classes they have at Bal Vihar is for adults where the Acharya Prabodh discusses different religious texts.  I have begun attending these classes this year. We are discussing the Ramayana from Guru […]

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